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Fabulous Kind Deep Hydrating Moisturizer 100ml

$ 44.45

  • PHP: ₱ 2,520.00
  • GBP: £36.28
  • HKD: HK$347.84
  • AUD: $69.00
  • EUR: €41.93
  • SGD: $59.47
  • MRY: ₹0.00
  • JPY: ¥6,626

Kind Deep Hydrating Moisturizer  provides moisture-quenching cream that helps hydrate and soothe the skin from dryness and tired complexion. With antioxidants and nourishing vitamins and plant extracts, moisture is locked-into the deeper layers of the skin to help reveal that soft, smooth and youthful glow.  Korean  ancient know how for  timeless beauty today.

Box: 1 jar, Jar: 100 ml
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